Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chocolate Cake Slice box

Don't ya just love these yummy cake boxes, i sure do and had the best time making them. The lid lifts up so you can fill them up with yummy treats to give as a gift. I'm going to make some coffee/tea cards to go with so they would make an even better gift. If ya wanna make these cute cake boxes you will need to purchase the tutorial from creations on paper, sure it was only $5 or less.

I made different flowers to put on the top of the boxes, can't remember where out there in blog land that i learn t how to make them but all you do is cut 8 scallop circles out of the brown paper that comes in the stampin up box with an order,(or lunch bags would work too) screw them up, unfold, ink and layer  and put a brad in the centre to hold together then ruffle up a bit till it looks good.The leaves are the wings from the bird punch.

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  1. Oh I love these cakes. I made one for my sister last year and I appreciate all the effort that goes into them. Your's looks good enough to eat.